Crayons are good for your business

Coloring isn’t just a way to keep kids busy—it’s an important part of the casual dining experience for families with children. According to recent insights research, 75% of parents expect kid-friendly restaurants to have crayons on hand and are disappointed when they don’t. Having a reliable supply of cost-effective, safety-tested and high-quality crayons is simply good business, as the dining segment of families with children represents approximately 25% of all restaurant sales.

As a more than 30-year supplier to some of the most well-known casual dining restaurant brands in the U.S., C3 is the largest producer of crayons for the restaurant industry. This scale gives us not only great insight into the best formulas, formats and specifications for any restaurant needs, but also tremendous buying power to solve for any budget.

Whether you’re looking for the ease of bulk crayons or the contactless distribution of crayons in cello-wrappers or boxes, you can rest assured that all of our crayons are vigorously safety-tested, nontoxic, and exceed government safety standards.  

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Custom, branded solutions

We know how important it is to include your brand logo, colors and imagery—that’s why we specialize in custom-branded crayon solutions. And when nearly two out of every three restaurant crayons are taken home after the meal, custom crayons help your brand extend far beyond the restaurant experience.

Best of all, custom branding has no negative impact on the price you pay for crayons from C3. Every crayon needs wrappers and packaging, so why wouldn’t you want custom for the same price as generic?

The right formula & format

Round, triangular, thick, thin, long, short, double-pointed, custom-shaped, restaurant grade, premium grade—C3 has experience with them all! We work with you to determine the optimal solution for your brand and your budget. We can help you navigate choices based on what we know parents are looking for, such as robust color variety, cello wrapping to facilitate contactless distribution, and high-quality products that don’t break and aren’t too small for kids’ hands.

Quality & safety

Our crayons provide smooth coverage and bold colors, delighting families with children in thousands of restaurants all across the country each and every day. They’re formulated for optimal use on uncoated paper stock—the most common type of paper used for restaurant kids’ menus.

We rigorously test every batch of crayons for a variety of safety components, ensuring that all of our products are certified non-toxic. In addition to safety testing, we also utilize a proprietary quality testing solution to measure such attributes as break and drop strength, air bubbles, coloring quality, smell and more.

Supply chain & logistics

Thanks to our long history of partnerships with major brands, we know all the ins and outs of supply chain logistics. We typically warehouse and distribute through a brand’s distribution centers, but we also have the ability to ship directly to individual unit locations, if necessary.

C3 operations experts collaborate with you to determine the most cost-effective solution to fit your business needs … and with our kids’ entertainment products flowing through distribution centers all across the nation, there might be a truck going your way already!

Solutions for any budget

As the industry leader, we have vast production and manufacturing scale, which allows us to be a leader not just in quality, but in pricing as well. We produce crayons by the millions, benefitting both you and your budget, and we welcome the opportunity to quote against your current supplier.

Little crayons, big value

Crayons bring a lot to the table for families in restaurants. Not only do they make kids and parents alike smile, sparking childhood creativity and playfulness—but they’re also important to a child’s physical and cognitive development!