C3 Social Impact helps brands give back by designing programs and products for a cause.

Through custom, brand-tailored solutions, we help you activate your consumers by inviting them to take part in giving back. Your guests want to feel like they have an impact in their community, and you can provide them the opportunity to pay it forward, because studies show time and time again that brands with a cause build stronger, more loyal customers.

Our social impact programs are designed to grow your brand affinity, generate awareness for your cause, and, most importantly, raise funds for your cause.

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We design products that your customers can purchase and design end-to-end programs to support them, including branding assets, POP communication, employee engagement and incentives, and marketing support. With every customer purchase, a portion of proceeds go to your cause. This can mean tens of thousands of dollars generated for your foundation or charitable partner.

Your customers get tangible, branded products they’ll keep as badges to demonstrate the impact they’ve made in the community. Not to mention, these products allow your brand to live on in their homes, and research shows their brand affinity grows in a lasting way.


The social impact solutions we create are tailored to your brand—its voice, its personality and your overarching marketing strategy. And they’re tailored to your cause or foundation—its purpose, its message and its intended impact. We work with you to innovate a solution unique to your brand that is simple, tangible, meaningful and memorable.


Our programs increase customer awareness of your brand’s social impact initiatives. That’s important because consumer perception of companies that invest in social impact is higher: 92% of consumers have a more positive image of companies that support causes. In fact, they expect brands to step up: 86% of Americans expect companies to do more than make a profit, they expect them to help address social issues.

On top of that, they want to help: 82% of consumers say they would donate to a charity supported by a company they trust. That’s where we come in. Our programs allow your customers to be your brand’s partner in doing good, and, since doing good feels good, you’ll be strengthening consumers’ emotional connection to your brand in the process.


We’ve built our expertise through years of designing and implementing successful programs for families with children. That’s why we help with all the step-by-step logistics, from LTOs to POP to helping your franchisees give locally. We assist with all the moving parts up front to ensure a simple, seamless implementation for you and your Operations team, leaving you free to stay focused on the big picture.


There’s a growing mountain of evidence that being purpose-driven positively impacts companies’ valuation and profits. That’s why we design programs that get the word out about the causes that are important to your brand, and, by making your customers partners in giving back, we help raise significant funds for your cause and grow your customers’ brand affinity. It’s a win for your brand, a win for your cause and a win for customers!


As a company, philanthropy is in our DNA. We’ve seen the impact of it and have been buoyed by the value it brings both the givers and the receivers. So, it’s only natural that we use our 30+ years of expertise in consumer activation to develop brand-driven programs that ignite consumer passion for your social impact efforts. We provide fully-custom solutions to maximize funding for your cause and create shared value with your customers.


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