We create and produce award-winning programs and custom products that help major restaurant, hospitality and service industry partners connect with families. Click the thumbnails to see more.

Q: How can we leverage familiar brands in unexpected ways to appeal to kids and get families excited to come to SONIC®?

A: We partnered with Mattel to bring He-Man and the Masters of the Universe to life at SONIC® Drive-In through custom-designed toys and spoons inspired by characters from the hit Netflix series.

Q: How can we extend the Texas Roadhouse® brand experience outside the restaurant itself?

A: We created a custom-molded souvenir kids’ cup shaped like a peanut, to spotlight the carefree snacks that welcome guests to their tables.

Q: How can we use toys and packaging to help Raising Cane’s® promote education through their kids’ program?

A: We developed a collectible set of 6 buildable paper-craft bobblehead toys that embody the diversity of what kids can be when they grow up, and supported it with fun, thematic packaging.

Q: How do we help brands connect with kids under 3?

A: We created an innovative format for SONIC® that functions as both a book and a toy to serve as an alternate toy option for guests under 3. These board books feature colorful, branded characters in scenes designed to engage and entertain younger guests with limited reading skills.

Q: How do we design a cost-effective toy with lots of play value that embraces the fun of the Texas Roadhouse® brand?

A: We invented a modular, click-together design that cut production cost while letting kids build their own monster truck. Stickers let kids customize and add branded flair.

Q: How can we translate the personality and position of the Arby’s® brand into a visual system for kid audiences?

A: We used thoughtful brand strategy and a bold illustration style to elevate the print technique of a simple kraft meal bag into an award-winning packaging design flexible enough to support licensed partnerships, yet still ownable enough to stand alone.

Q: How can we help Pei Wei® Asian Diner make the experience of using chopsticks more fun and accessible to families?

A: We designed and produced a custom set of beginner-friendly chopsticks for kids of all ages and hands of all skill levels.

Q: How do we build and design a custom kids’ program strongly rooted in a brand’s core foundations?

A: We created the “Home Away From Home” activity book series to be grounded in and tailored to Cracker Barrel®’s instantly recognizable dining experience—including games inspired by the brand’s classic triangular peg game.

Q: How do we collaborate with a wildly popular toy brand via both kids’ meal premiums and retail?

A: We partnered with Mini Brands to produce exclusive “Mega Minis” of SONIC®’s iconic brand treasures and limited-edition chase figures. This partnership also led to Sonic being featured in their new retail line of “Foodies.”

Q: How do we partner with brands to develop innovative, custom products that drive customer interest?

A: For the theatrical release of Solo: A Star Wars Story™, we worked with Denny’s® and Lucasfilm to create limited edition collectors’ cups featuring sculpted character lids.

Q: How can we help Raising Cane’s® support their commitment to pet welfare organizations?

A: We work together with holiday movie licenses like A Christmas Story, Frosty the Snowman, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Peanuts and others to design and produce limited edition retail toys they can sell to raise money for pet welfare.

Q: How can we keep kids’ programs fresh for legacy brands?

A: By continuously refreshing the designs, illustrations, activities and educational content of activity books, we breathe new life into the kids’ meal experience. By exploring alternative formats, unique crayon options and cup designs, we help our clients offer kids more fun for less.

Q: How can we mash up SONIC® brand treasures with a hugely popular lifestyle brand?

A: We created a collectible set of exclusive Tokidoki toys and wearables inspired by SONIC®’s menu flavors, like the Crushed Ice “Slushicorno” version of Tokidoki’s Unicorno character.

Q: How can we provide wait-busting entertainment and family bonding time inspired by Texas Roadhouse®’s friendly steakhouse experience?

A: We created a collaborative board game that encourages family interaction while bringing familiar elements of the brand to life in a fun, new way with punch-out peanut characters.

Q: How can we drive traffic to SONIC® by taking toy collectibility to the next level?

A: Taking a cue from the popular Netflix series’ Voltron characters approach to teamwork, we designed a toy set that could be combined into one giant Voltron toy.

Q: What does a kids’ program for a world-class luxury hotel look like?

A: With a stylish cup, triangle crayons and an activity book with world-class illustration, we created a kids’ program worthy of a high-profile launch in NYC’s Central Park.

Q: What exciting new ways can we play with some of the world’s most recognizable characters?

A: In partnership with Nickelodeon, we created SpongeBob SquarePants™ figures that bend and pose, stick out their tongues, leave trails of stickers, and get even more adorable with lenticular eyes.

Q: How can we help encourage fans to pre-order Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam™ at GameStop®?

A: We boost purchases at GameStop® by engineering a set of custom paper toys featuring Nintendo fan favorites to be included with all pre-orders.

Q: How can we help bring a Transformers: The Last Knight promotion to life for Valvoline™?

A: We invented an exclusive Transformers-inspired “Valvotron” action figure in unique motor-oil shaped packaging.

Q: How can we take our toy licensing to the next level?

A: We partner with some of the world’s most recognized brands to deliver exciting products like this set of exclusive Batman® toys to drive enthusiastic, cross-generational fans to SONIC®.

Q: How can we make fun and interactive kids premiums inspired by S.T.E.A.M. education?

A: We partnered with leading education brand Klutz® to create an Arby’s®-branded, papercraft version of their retail Maker Lab Radio Boombox, turning it into a paper buildable that can be used as a real amplifier for smart phones.

Q: How can we help build the Raising Cane’s® brand through a gaming app for kids?

A: We developed the Raising Cane’s® Arcade app featuring a rotating collection of games and activities laddering up to the in-restaurant kids program.

Q: How can we be experimental in our use of packaging as a stage for the new Wacky Pack characters?

A: We designed a meal bag wherein the new Red Button & Friends characters highlight the fun of a trip to SONIC® Drive-In in an unusual in-the-round composition.