Kids’ Programs for Fast Casual Restaurants

The best kids’ entertainment for fast casual restaurants is one that is custom to the brand. Entertainment solutions for fast casual brands vary greatly based on the restaurant’s positioning and service models. Some of these limited-service brands take customer orders at the counter and deliver meals to the table. Others have a food-service line approach where the customer chooses food options and add-ons directly with the line staff, paying for and picking up food at the same time.  All have some mix of on- and off-premises diners, and some even have drive-thrus. Because of this wide variety of service models and positioning, the best solutions are tailored specifically to each restaurant brand. 

Elevated and high-quality food profiles are an important element of a fast casual restaurant’s brand positioning, which is part of their appeal to today’s Millennial and GenZ consumers. Adding the entertainment element to the kids’ meal program helps make these brands a place that the entire family enjoys.

For some fast casual brands, this might look like kids’ meal toys, as they look to compete with the high expectations of toys set by QSR brands. For other fast casual brands, entertainment might look more like an activity menu and crayons, that give families a “wait-buster” while they wait for the food to arrive at their table. We at C3 are experts at creating and producing these types of solutions, and everything in between!

To learn more about the value of entertainment for fast casual restaurants, check out our insights infographic.    

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