What do you call a place with half-day Fridays all year long? That’s no joke—and we just call it “home.”

Half-Day Fridays

We like to work four long days and one short one. Because there’s nothing better than a wide-open Friday afternoon.

Community Service

Every C3 colleague gets 40 office hours to donate to the causes of their choice, whether that’s here in the KC area or in another hemisphere through our Global Community Service program. When you combine all of our volunteer hours, it’s like having a full-time C3 employee purely devoted to community service!

Bring Your Dog to Work

We love our pups. We love each other’s pups, too—that’s why they get to come keep us company in the office! Dog days are officially scheduled once a month, but you never know when a pooch might drop by for a surprise hello.

...and so much more.

We throw great parties and take joy in sharing food, and the occasional impromptu dance party or sing-along is not unheard of. Our culture is the sum of our people…and we tend to be the work hard/play hard type.