Kid-Friendliness Is Key for Bringing Families Back to Restaurants

July 9, 2020

Why isn’t it over yet? When can things go back to how they used to be? Like a kid kicking their feet in the backseat wondering whether we’re there yet, these are the questions on so many minds as we all struggle to find our footing in a world impacted by COVID-19. Now that summer has come and some states have begun opening up, many people are feeling more confident and more willing to venture out in search of normalcy—families included. What are they looking for when they go back to eat at a restaurant for the first time? How are they feeling? And what are their expectations of restaurants?

C3 looked to answer those questions and others when we surveyed over 500 parents with young kids (ages 4-10) during the third week of June 2020. Even though we’re facing an ever-changing environment, looking at parents’ behaviors and attitudes during that time reveals what is important to them—and what will keep being important to them—as they bring their families back to restaurants.

One key finding: restaurants that create a kid-friendly experience will make parents feel safer and more excited about taking their kids out to eat. Read on to see what else they had to tell us about going out to eat in these unprecedented times.


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